Blueberry Farm is a USA Certified Retail Grower of Natural Blueberries

October 20, 2021 , Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm sells many premium varieties of berries. The Blueberry Farm logo is also displayed on all of their products including jams, cakes, frozen yogurt and smoothies. Blueberry Farm is a small, privately owned business that serves the Southern communities of Baldwin and Eastern Shore, Maryland. Blueberry Farm began in 1979 as a small stand-up summer store. Since then, Blueberry Farm has grown into one of the most popular farms and retail shops in the area. They are known for providing quality, fresh product at reasonable prices to local restaurants and groceries.

Blueberry Farm sells a variety of locally produced blueberries including the famous Blueberry Jam. The Blueberry Farm Blueberry bushes produce Blueberry Jam that comes from the Blueberry bushes harvested in the southern United States and the Assumption Valley in upstate New York. When you visit Blueberry Farm, you will get your hands on locally harvested, fresh blueberries, cranberries and other fresh favorites. The Blueberry Farm is a member of the USDA National Organic Program.

Blueberry Farm is a nationwide retailer of 100% freeze-dried berries, including blueberry juice, blueberry bushes, blueberry yogurt and Blueberry Exporter crackers. The Blueberry Farm Blueberry bushes grow in four seasons, each of which is filled with exciting seasons of color: purple, red, pink and yellow. From the Blueberry Jam, to Blueberry Grower’s Blend, Blueberry Farm is known for the variety of flavors they offer, and the quality of their products. Blueberry Farm supplies retailers and restaurants with 100% freeze-dried, safe, natural, non-toxic blueberry bushes, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Ice Cream and Blueberry Pips.