Blueberry Farm is a Great Place to Buy Blueberries

February 1, 2021 , Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm sells organic, sustainable grown fresh blueberries direct from the farm. Blueberry Farm has a fulltime growing schedule with seasonal visits to farms throughout the growing season. They have over fifty varieties of berries that are shipped around the world. This is their largest growing season and therefore they have plenty of berries to offer.

Blueberry Farm grows all types of berries from sun-wilted bushes to bushes that have just been cut. Blueberry Farm has several varieties that are available for picking. They are available for personal consumption as well as for selling on the market. The price of Blueberry Farm’s berries is based on the variety. The smallest bushes are more expensive than the largest bushes. The bushes are harvested twice a year.

Blueberry Farm has two locations. The farm offers the consumer a free tasting in Washington state. They also have an online nursery with a large selection of bushes. Blueberry Farms grows over fifty varieties of berries each year. They offer a large assortment of blueberries in the Spring and Blueberry Farm has blueberries in the Fall as well.

Blueberry plants are very easy to grow from seeds offered by Blueberry Farm. Blueberry plants can be started in pots in the fall. Once started, the plants will go to sleep in about ten days. They wake up again in about ten days, then again in about fifteen days. After about fourteen to sixteen weeks of continuous feeding, the plants will grow into beautiful blueberry bushes.

Blueberry Farm grows their blueberries in soil that is specially prepared for blueberry bushes. Blueberry bushes like well draining soil that does not hold much water. Blueberry Farm will prepare the soil for planting with natural compost and bone meal. They will then plant the seeds in the soil and use commercial potting soil. Blueberry Farm will ensure that the soil is tested for acidity levels before each plant begins growing.

Blueberry Farm grows many delicious varieties of berries including blueberry juices, wine, chocolates, teas, and petite fours. They are a family owned small business since 1983. They strive to provide their customers with the highest quality of food and products they can possibly produce. Blueberry bushes can grow to be extremely tall. Blueberry farms are great places to purchase Blueberry bushes or just to visit and see what is in store for Blueberry Farm consumers in the near future.