Blueberry Farm Blueberry Picking Season Favorite

July 28, 2021 , Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm, located in Stone Mountain, GA allows visitors to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of Blueberry. They sell Blueberry juice, Blueberry smoothies, Blueberry ice cream, Blueberry bread, Blueberry preserves, Blueberry candles, Blueberry pancakes, Blueberry smoothies, Blueberry compotes, Blueberry yogurt, Blueberry scones, Blueberry cocktail, Blueberry crisp, Blueberry pie and Blueberry smoothies made with real Blueberries. Blueberry Farm is the third largest Blueberry supplier in Georgia. Blueberry Farm sells several types of Blueberries: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Arabica, and Syrah. Blueberry growers in Georgia grow over 3 million pounds of Blueberries each year, mostly to sell nationally.

Blueberry Farm has grown over three generations on their family farm. As a small business since 1969 Blueberry Farm markets high quality, choice, and fresh grown Blueberries from their award-winning bushes. Come visit Blueberry Farm, pick some sweet Blueberries and experience the sweetness of Blueberry.

Blueberry Farm grows thousands of acres of gorgeous blueberries. Blueberry bushes reach maturity in summer, producing berries in September. Blueberry farms are devoted to providing consumers with the highest quality, fresh tasting products at the lowest prices. Blueberry bushes are harvested and sold for the maximum profit when they reach maturity, so planting is an investment in your future.

Blueberry plantings grow to be tall and strong with many healthy, flowering bushes. Blueberry farms provide a good, safe environment for blueberry plants and bushes to grow. Blueberry plants are placed in rows and planted about six to ten inches apart. Blueberry plants will root quickly and comfortably in soft soil that is moist but well-drained. Blueberry plants will tolerate some drought, but they do not do well in standing water. You should make sure to keep your Blueberry Farm soil dry.

Blueberry farms offer a large variety of bushes and plants. We offer a full service picking service that is available seven days a week through out the year. We have picking trucks and loading cranes so that our customers can get their bushes and plants picked up and delivered that same day. Blueberry picking is a full service business that takes pride in our work. Blueberry picking is a wonderful, relaxing and rewarding job.

Blueberry Farm is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and wants. Our experienced team of workers strives to exceed customer expectations by offering the absolute best in freshness, quality and selection. Our berries are shipped daily to local shops and local restaurants to make it easy for people to pick their favorite blueberries. Blueberry Farm sells different varieties of Blueberry at affordable prices. So come on over and see why Blueberry Farm is a New Jersey Blueberry Picking Season Favorite.