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In the US, blueberries are taken as the most important cultivated berries next to strawberries. Setting up a blueberry farm might involve a long-term investment, but once established, blueberry plants go on products for the next 25 years.


To start a blueberry farm, you need a long-time view. Blueberries need 7 years approximately to attain full ripeness and production. This long duration brings upon you a hefty investment. Besides, you need hard work and endurance during this long period of development.  However, the fruit of endurance is of course sweet in the long run. Though at the end of the third year there is a limited growth of berries. It can give a hint of your future growth.


In 2017, the Blue Berry Suppliers of the United States sold abroad 58.9 million pounds of fresh cultivated blueberries worth $107.7 million. By far, Canada had been a prominent buyer of blueberries, followed by South Korea. Exports of U.S. frozen blueberries exports were approximately 53.1 million pounds worth $53.2 million.


Worldwide growing trends of Blue Berry Exporters prove that North and South America stay as the chief performer in the global blueberry exporting. North America remains by far the largest market and consumer of blueberries with room for per capita expenditure growth in both fresh and processed.

The consumption of blueberry has immense health benefits that prompts many suppliers to establish Blueberry factory. Blueberries are a great immunity booster. The latest studies say that a bowl of blueberries makes your body immune. It can reduce the risk of cardiac disease, obesity, heart disease, and blood sugar. Furthermore, the consumption of a small number of berries every day strengthens your metabolism and checks for any metabolic disorder and deficiency. All this effectiveness makes Blueberry factories grow in different places. Canada, Poland, and Germany are the highest blueberry-producing countries.


It may normally be a question of many readers: how should the climate or soil be to cultivate blueberries? Well, a sunny and sheltered spot is necessary. Though blueberries may grow in shade, crops generally flourish in the sun. For this reason,  Blueberry Suppliers choose the areas where the sun is moderate and not exposed to harsh winds. Following the procedure, blueberry farmers plant the berries leaving enough space between the plant to let the sunlight touch every tree. Moisture of the soil remains constant.


The Blueberry Farm work involves higher labor costs because of the process of production. As the berries are delicate, they are handpicked and are most often grown in hydroponic conditions. These conditions, hike the prices of the berries.


The bearing of blueberry fruits depends on how they are planted. Most of the early season variety gets ready to pick during June, but normally Blueberry Farm wait till July for the midseason harvesting and August for late-season berries. Yet, blueberries can be grown in any season in Mexico, simply under the condition of appropriate altitude.